Business Consultancy

Our business consultancy element focuses on operational and business improvement strategies to support organisations to improve our clients’ internal operations and performance with their value chain in mind. Our operations management consultancy services look to advise clients on implementing changes to target operating model, functional business processes and organisational culture.

Opportunity Analysis

Our service aims to improve our client’s approach to work winning by supporting them to work through competitive strategy to ensure increased effectiveness in assessing and creating processes and strategies to convert project opportunities. We work with organisational leadership to understand organisation strategy and opportunity motivations which we analyse using our five-step modular process to test, advise and implement work winning strategies from diagnosis through to project implementation. Our five-step process enables us to identify key areas of focus and the development of a tailored programme for you.

Strategic Sourcing

Optimising value and return through the management of supply chain through developing strategic sourcing strategies is paramount in driving organisation value. With high capital expenditure in construction programmes of work it is important to consider all activities through the procurement cycle to ensure that the lowest total cost is achieved rather than the lowest purchase price. Our in-house expertise supports organisations to review:

  • Demand Management
  • Review Specifications to ensure they respond to the need
  • Optimise total unit cost
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Responsible Procurement & Social Value advisory
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Strategic Planning

We work with Leadership teams and key decision makers to define, develop and implement processes to develop their competitive strategic direction. We support the definition, prioritisation and setting of goals that are realistic and achievable and the allocation of resources to implement this strategy.

ED&I Consulting

Inclusive practices encourage diversity and equity whilst creating resilient and commercially viable organisations

There are distinct stages in our DE&I Consultancy services. Each organisation’s proposed plan of action is tailor made within the guidelines of the key distinct stages offered dependent on organisational maturity in their ED&I journey. 

We do not apply a one size fits all approach. All our support is offered specifically with your organisational needs in mind.


How can we help?

“To know where you are going you need to know where you are”- Our diagnosis service provides an understanding of the degree of maturity within an organisations ED&I journey. Therefore, benchmarking and identifying key areas of focus by undertaking audit / review of current policies, processes, and existing strategy their alignment to DE&I agenda is critical. We have a series of diagnostic interventions we undertake.
Strategy Development
We harness the outcomes of the diagnostic report and defines the pathway towards key milestones in the development of a DE&I roadmap. We provide coherence within the organisation and a defined and focused approach for the DE&I agenda. test the effectiveness of the current approach and highlight the importance of the embedment of the DE&I strategy into the overall organisational strategy.
This provides continuity and aims to enable coherence of the diagnosis and the strategy development stages. This is the starting point of bringing to life the emerging DE&I strategy and to connect initiatives with the wider organisational development plan and compliance.
Recognising internal roadblocks that key stakeholders and senior leaders face and supporting them to break down barriers, to enable them to drive better results.
Upskilling of senior leaders, managers and the wider team on key developmental objectives linked to organisational development and DE&I. Our approach is to curate training aligned to your leadership, team and organisational wide key learning requirements. We have capability.

Leadership Consulting

Our Leadership consulting offering allows us to work with individuals supporting them in their leadership journey.  We assist in assessing organisations and provide guidance and frameworks on how to improve leadership practice.

We find organisations that have the right skills, behaviours and culture in their leadership team and wider organisation will outperform others in this competitive market. We tailor make leadership development modules and roundtables in our offering.

Organisational success hinges on having the right people at the ‘top’, the right behaviours and organisational culture aligned to the business strategy and direction. We support organisations in developing future leaders.   

As an experienced Associate of Cranfield University Executive Development team Precious is astute at delivering round table conversations and working sessions on:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Developing High Performing teams
  • Competitive advantage of Inclusive Organisations
  • Leading Self
  • Leadership Journey

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